Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Charlotte Dress

Update: Here is the link to purchase the Charlotte Dress. Please contact me if I have not listed it in a fabric or size that you would like.

 I am in love with this dress.  Everything about it.  The ruffles, the pleats, the waist line, the invisible zipper.  And Miss W loves it too!  I love that she loves it!

Sadly, it took me quite a while to design this dress, so this fabric is no longer available.  I will post pictures of available fabric soon for this dress.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sewing Ideas at 4 am

I love when sewing ideas come to me.

I do not love when they come to me at 4 am after Mr. J has awoken us all from our slumber.  He clearly gets his sleeping habits from me.  Not the hubs or Miss W... they could sleep through almost anything.

But here I am, 4 am... why not be productive.

I've made a "decision" of sorts...
Season 5 of Project Run and Play is about to commence, and I'm going to attempt to participate in the Flickr sew along group.  Perhaps with the exception of the week for boy's clothing.  That's a bit intimidating to me.

So far I'm thinking for week 1, Pattern Remix (Katy from No Big Dill's Very Biased Skirt Tutorial), I want to make a top for Miss W based on the skirt.  It might be too reminiscent of tops most of my friends and I own, but that's why I'm not a contestant... I can be a little predictable like that, right?

For week 2, Fashion Icon Challenge, I am 95% sure that Jacqueline Kennedy (pre Onasis days) is going to be my inspiration.  I love the v-neck of two of these looks, with the almost cap sleeve of the bottom left dress (from a visit to India!).  Then there is something so lovely about the cinched waist and full skirt of the floral dress.  Decisions, decisions!

That's as far as I've gotten in my middle of the night inspiration for Project Run and Play.  Hopefully the rest of the ideas come during normal waking hours.  I would really appreciate that.

Now, how early is too early for a Diet Dr Pepper... we all know that's going to be part of my day!