Friday, September 7, 2012

Lemonade... all over the floor

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  Right?
Leave it to me to pour that lemonade all over the floor (or shall I blame my children?)!

In just one week time I've had a lot of different stuff thrown my way, and instead of getting right back up after getting pushed down (no, I wasn't actually pushed, just metaphorically)... what did I do?  I bought some ice cream and had a nice, big bowl.  And another one the next day.

I didn't start working on my Project Run and Play outfit until Wednesday and haven't been able to touch it since I put this pic on facebook and instagram

If you follow my facebook feed, you'll know that everyone was all "what's wrong with that" "i love it" "i want one in my size" "can I have one in pink"

Love the love! It did motivate me to not scrap it completely but instead to turn it into what it was truly destined to be - a skirt.  It was way too heavy for a top since I was too cheap to buy some lightweight fabric.

Oh, and by motivate, I mean... hopefully after I finish working on a thousand other things I will get back to this one.

Now excuse me while I clean up the lemonade from my floor :)

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